Cleo Redesign

Product design
The Story

Cleo. A fresh look in product.

Cleo underwent a huge rebrand at the end of 2020. Bold, bright and with some attitude. I worked on the complete redesign of the Cleo app to bring it in line with the new rebrand before the launch of the above the line campaign.

Sh*t. A new Cleo. 

After our fresh new rebrand from Studio Koto, I was a key part of bringing our strong new look through from a product perspective. Cleo is a financial app and chat bot with a bold, quirky character and a big sis attitude and our stance was to look and feel completely different in our industry.



Cleo is known for her witty TOV and we had to let that truly speak volumes, so we created a new, own-able, templated approach to the usual loading states, success screens, error messaging and flow starters.


Frame 33443

Frame 33442

Out with the old!

The legacy design was trapped in a place that was not representative of Cleo’s strong tone of voice and character. Our aha moment is when a user is roasted in the chat experience, and this demonstrates how much our users love our unique approach to the way we talk about their money, and that was truly lacking in our execution across product.