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O2 Priority feature development and enhancement

With a focus on creating a more personalised customer experience, we developed new features such as preference capture and a brand new personalisation module offering up full page ‘story mode’ offers and experiences relevant to our users. We also focused heavily on introducing new content types within the app, such as articles, videos and gifs and new image content such as gallery sliders to encourage users to interact with certain experiences where more available imagery becomes a point of interest and then uptake.

We wanted to build a more experience based platform that is no longer a simple hub for offers, but a place focused on discovering what’s on nearby, exclusive content and playlists from your favourite artists, or your priority access to the latest ticket releases.

Personalisation module

Delivering new content specific app experience to our users, through an immersive full page takeover of relevant experiences, tickets and offers that change depending on the time of day, what content we know our user’s love and what’s new in the app. It’s a quick and accessible place to explore when landing in app, serving relevant content with ease, with a simple click through customer journey to redeem an offer, purchase a ticket or read an article.

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Preference Capture

In order to offer a superior and primed experience to our users we wanted to learn about them in the best possible way – directly from them. By offering an option for us to ‘get to know you’ we opened a new dialogue with our users with the hope to deliver to them an effortless in-app discovery experience by serving content related to preference capture results. Designed in a bitesize and visually prominent way with easily touchable disks, it offers 3 simple and relevant questions to O2 Priority and our customers.

Preference Capture

Prototypes & User Testing